“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

My story?

… about one freelance brand manager & “IT-know-it-all” enthusiast, creative esteticist, musician, father, husband and a hindu devotee.

I started dressed in a suit, with a briefcase, as a young self employed apprentice to make a business Facebook pages for many clients. City sports arena, Coffee shop, Colloidal silver product, Spa Wellness online portal, restaurants, Ayurveda center, and many other successful projects pushed me even further.

Years passed by, many freelance projects tought me a lot of digital design and project management. Currently I work in a big HVAC company in Croatia, taking care of marketing team.

But now it’s the time to take a chance for a bigger projects. Do you have one for me? Take a look at my accomplishments below, and write me a message! :)

Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems.

With uplifting work and solid motivation, together we can easily see what do you want to improve, repair or create.


Satisfied Clients

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Take a look what in a world have I done. But keep in mind – with my crazy working hours I’m unable to put every one of the project I did. This is the selections of the best… as far as I can remember. :)

What do I offer

In today’s modern digital age, every business has a whole array of needs to succeed.
How can I be of your service?

Brand Design

Helping people to have a good brand design strategy we improve the way people think about you, with the guidelines of the latest design trends.

Graphic design

Art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content in accordance with your brand is my specialty.

Social Media

I helped many small businesses open their first promo Facebook page, which made them be easily recognizable locally and wider.

Web Design

I – work in WordPress. You – can get a nice modern looking website, and  become more visible online, i.e. when your potential customers are looking for your product or services.

Digital marketing

Visualization, analysis and optimization of your website data. Leading campaigns, analyzing results, trends and making strategic decisions. Advanced methods of reaching your potential customers.

Email Marketing

Developing awareness about your brand, enhancing your company’s relationship with current customers or acquiring new ones – it’s an important task. Email is a direct contact with your clients – make it worth it.

Skills & Achievements

Aa an enthusiastic person I’ve always found innovative and efficient solutions for every client. I am engaged in IT all my life, and the fields of expertise are digital design, internet marketing and a simple & sleek web design.


2002 – 2006

High School, Krapina
mathematics, physics and computer science gymnasium

  • Adobe tools

2006 – 2009

Faculty of organisation and informatics, Varaždin
finished two years of colledge

  • Google tools

2009 – 2011

VELV Varaždin – multimedia
finished two years of colledge

  • MS Office

2016 – 2017

Open university Algebra – digital marketing specialist certification

  • Wordpress


2018 –

Deltron d.o.o.
Leading person for marketing purposes who helped them bring their company to the higher level of digital recognition

2014 – 2016

Medi Spa d.o.o.
As a Sales representative of products for natural radiation protection, I learned to handle many advanced situations on a field working with people and negotiating.

2013 –

Freelance design and marketing
Branding, web design, digital marketing, advertisement, …

2013 –

Floridus organics (start-up)
CEO, marketing manager & designer positions led me into the world of branding, product designing and promotion. A small start but a big step in my learning curve.

2011 – 2012

Wellness center Elements
COO, marketing manager, designer. Also positions which needed my help to keep very unique project running. Short but very pleasant experience working with healing and helping people.

2011 – 2013

Facebook marketing manager
Business facebook page design and maintenance was my start after colledge. I reached into many local bussinesses who hired me to have their first promo page. I left behind me only satisfied clients.

  • Adobe tools
  • Google tools
  • MS Office
  • Wordpress

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