Digital marketing specialist

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Hi, I’m a freelance brand manager & “IT-know-it-all” enthusiast, creative esteticist, musician, father and a husband.

Currently I work with the biggest Croatian wholesale HVAC reseller as a marketing associate.

9 years of experience in design and marketing promotion 

Through many freelance projects I successfully made a dozens of satisfied clients.

But now it’s the time to take a chance for a bigger projects. Do you have one for me? Take a look at my accomplishments below, and write me a message!

Take a look at short presentation of my work. But keep in mind – with my crazy working hours I’m unable to put every one of the project I did. This is the selections of the best… as far as I can remember. :)

I’m at your service for…


Brand design

Helping people to have a good brand design strategy we improve the way people think about you, with the guidelines of the latest design trends.

Digital marketing

Developing awareness about your brand, enhancing your company’s relationship with current customers or acquiring new ones – it’s an important task thorugh social media, newslettering etc.

Latest work…  

BhaktiSangeet academy branding

Brand design and web site for friends academy for carnatic traditional singing, reciting holy vedas and developing bhakti through voice.

Whole work is done in ADOBE tools. Illustrator for logo, InDesign for a brand manual, Photoshop for brushing the images, etc.

Smeg webshop

Technology with Style

Webshop design for a friend from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a general representative for a SMEG company and she needed an atractice website for her bussiness.

Webiste is built on a WordPress platform using Divi theme and WooCommerce plugin.


Tennis school for kids

Friend ask me to make him a brand for his bussiness, also to design him a leaflet.

Logo design, stationary, bussiness card is made in Illustrator, leaflet with InDesign.

Deltron B2B

Prototype design in Adobe XD. This is a new concept for a webshop of a company I currently work for.

Deltron in general

In almost 3 years now, I managed to improve overall representation of Deltron brand.

Modern designs throughout online media, newsletters and facebook management.

Marketing campaigns, newsletters, facebook posts, video animations, catalogues, pricelists, bussines cards, websites, blog posts, etc.

SitaRam brand concept

It was an idea for my wife’s hand made organic cosmetics.

“Impossible is just an opinion.”

Rest of the influential work

Every one of this project made for me a milestone in experience and expertise. Most of the work is created in ADOBE tools and built on a WordPress platform.

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